Reporting Suspected Drug Activity

At A Residence or Around the Community (i.e.: Parks, Schools)
  • Contact the Bayside Communication Center (414 351-9900) as soon as possible. (See Reporting Crime or Incidents link) If possible, continue to observe the person/suspected activity from a distance.
  • Do not approach someone you observe using drugs. For example: you are watching someone you believe is smoking marijuana and you are tempted to say something. Problem is you don’t know if they have ingested other substances as well and may react to your comments in an unexpected manner.

Conducting Drug Investigations

If you have questions or concerns regarding drug activity, not in progress, please email Detective Joseph McLeod or call 414-962-3830. Although it may appear that no action has been taken concerning your calls the police department follows-up on all information received concerning drug activity.

Depending on the information provided the responding officer(s) will routinely not immediately pull up to where the suspected activity is occurring but observe from a distance prior to making contact, when appropriate. If what you are reporting occurs at irregular intervals an officer may request that you log activity. Information that can be critical includes date and time of activity, license plate and vehicle description (if applicable), description of occupants or those arriving/leaving the residence.