Parking Permits

  1. Daytime Parking
  2. Downtown Whitefish Bay
  3. Construction Parking
  4. Employee Parking
  5. Overnight Parking
Residents living on the blocks listed below shall be allowed to park by permit during the day regardless of otherwise applicable time limits, with the following restrictions:
  • Daytime parking permits do not allow residents to park in areas designated as no parking zones, any areas where parking is not allowed by State law or by specific reference in the Traffic Code, or any metered zone areas. 
  • Daytime parking permits do not allow overnight parking.  Please see the overnight parking tab to the left. 
Please visit the Police Department to fill out an application for daytime residential parking permit if you live on the following streets:
  • E Beaumont Avenue (N Lake Drive to N Shore Drive)
  • N Lydell Avenue (5500, 5600 blocks)
  • N Bay Ridge Avenue (5500 block, west side of 5600 block)
  • N Kent Avenue (5500 block)
  • N Shoreland Avenue (5500 block)
  • N Santa Monica Boulevard (5500, 5600 blocks)
  • N Berkeley Boulevard (550 block)
  • N Diversey Boulevard (550 block)
  • N Hollywood Avenue (5500 block)
  • N Consaul Place (from E Beaumont Avenue to E Lake View Avenue)
  • W Lake View Avenue
  • E Lake View Avenue (from N Santa Monica Boulevard to N Lake Drive)
  • E Beaumont Avenue (north side from N Santa Monica Boulevard to the alley approximately 157 feet easterly)
  • E Colfax Place (north side from N Woodruff Avenue to a point 30 feet west of the west curb line of N Marlborough Drive extended)
  • N Ardmore Avenue (4900 block)
  • N Wildwood Avenue (4900 block)
  • East Carlisle Avenue (from North Santa Monica Boulevard to North Lake Drive.)
  • East side of N Ardmore Avenue (5000 block)
  • North Cramer Street (4500 block, east side)