Chipping, Leaf, and Yard Waste Collection

The Village picks up yard waste material on a weekly basis approximately between the months of April through November.  Additionally, the Village picks up leaves in October and November.
  1. Chipping
  2. Leaf Collection
  3. Yard Waste

Rules & Guidelines

Chipping material should be placed in the parkway between the curb and the sidewalk. It should not obstruct the sidewalk or be placed in the street as this is a violation of ordinance and you will not only be ticketed but be responsible for any damages or injuries this material causes.


The Village typically begins collecting and chipping branches the second week of April. Chipping has a lower priority in the operations and therefore there is no set schedule for its collection.

Special Pickup

In addition, if you generate a significant amount of material that is more than four feet high and covers more than 70% of the parkway in front of your home, you need to go to Village Hall to schedule and pay for a special pickup. The minimum charge is $45.

Contractor Waste

The Village does not pick up contractor waste from any residential or commercial landscaping project. Village Collectors will tag any construction waste that is put out on the curb notifying the property owner that these materials are not collected and that private means of disposal must be negotiated.

Please arrange with your landscaping contractor to remove this waste they have created.