What is an EOC? Who is on it?
The Emergency Operating Center is a method of bringing Village staff together in times of emergency. The purpose is to have the operational leadership in place at Village Hall to deal with events such as natural disasters, usually while they are occurring. It consists of the Village Manager, the Police Chief, the Village Engineer / Director of Public Works, the Building Inspector, a representative of the North Shore Fire Department and several others, or their designees. The EOC was activated early during the storm of July 22 and closed around midnight when the rain was over for several hours, public buildings secured, the streets were drained and people could get around freely. Village clean up efforts began early the next morning as residents began to deal with basement damage that also occurred during the storm.

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1. When will there be answers to all the questions that have been raised?
2. Will the public continue to be involved in discussing these matters?
3. Why didn't WFB have a special meeting?
4. What was the number of storm sewers that had been disconnected at the time of the storm?
5. Can sewers be checked where there were back ups?
6. Do any sewers discharge into the Lake and River?
7. Is there a financial penalty if the Village dumps sewage? Is that a factor?
8. Does/can the Village have drains independent of MMSD?
9. Who decides if gates are opened or closed?
10. Who at MMSD controls the gates?
11. Did the DNR do a property inspection of construction sites?
12. What can people do to protect themselves?
13. Can Michael Utzinger's written comments be put on the Village website?
14. If people on Fairmount are "now directly connected to the interceptor," is there 1 less level of protection?
15. Can the project plan for Fairmount be put on the Village website?
16. Why weren't residents on Fairmount allowed to replace laterals as part of the construction project?
17. Why are the Fairmount assessments higher if the project was delayed so MMSD could contribute $1 million?
18. Was the outfall at Big Bay Park working to relieve sewage back ups?
19. Would a lower curb in places along Palisades Road allow water to run down the bluff?
20. Where does the JCC pond drain to?
21. Is the JCC pond for retention or detention?
22. Two Village workers were approached and asked why the street emptied in 15 minutes?
23. What is an EOC? Who is on it?