What properties are eligible for designation as local historic structures or sites?
Any structure or site which possesses architectural, cultural, or historical significance to the Village of Whitefish Bay may be considered for designation. Age alone is not a criterion for designation. In general, a structure or site is considered to possess significance if it:
- Exemplifies or reflects the broad cultural, political, economic, or social history of the nation, state, or community
- Is identified with historic personages or with important events in national, state, or local history
- Embodies the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type or specimen inherently valuable for study of a period, style, method of construction, or of indigenous materials or craftsmanship
- Is representative of the notable work of a master builder, designer, or architect who influenced his or her age
- Has yielded, or may be likely to yield, information important to prehistory or history

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1. What properties are eligible for designation as local historic structures or sites?
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5. Can designated historic properties be demolished?
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8. Will property taxes be increased as a result of historic designation?
9. How does one obtain an application to have a building or site dedicated historic or request permission to make a change to an already designated property?