Garry Davis

Village Board
Title: Village Trustee

General Background
Garry Davis was raised on a farm, and put himself through college by working construction and other jobs. He completed his graduate education at the University of Michigan. Garry has served on the faculty at UWM for some 25 years, and has authored numerous publications in the area of Historical Linguistics. Garry belongs to a Masonic lodge and a church that are located in the Village. He has served on the board of the Wesley Foundation of Milwaukee and the German Immersion Foundation.

Garry, his wife Suzanne, and their 2 children have lived in the village since 1996. He joined the Board in 2012 to assist the Village in rebuilding its inadequate storm water system. His house and the surrounding neighborhood were inundated by surface flooding in 2010. It was only the most recent instance of surface flooding and backups to plague the immediate area since 1997.

Garry hopes to assist the Board to:
  • Continue to implement necessary upgrades to Whitefish Bay’s storm water system
  • Support and develop the Village’s business community
  • Implement natural turf management on village lands where possible and financially feasible
  • Bring Village Plumbing and Drainage code (par. 13.13) closer to state code (par.145.06(4)(a)), thereby allowing residents to do simple plumbing maintenance in their own homes
  • Introduce electronic archiving of Village building and permitting records
  • Involve the Board more directly in the performance evaluation of Village employees
  • Encourage input from residents and public comment on any issue of concern
Educational Background
  • BA, Central University of Iowa (1979)
  • MA, The University of Michigan (1981)
  • PhD, The University of Michigan (1986)

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