Parking Permits

  1. Overnight Parking
  2. Daytime Parking
  3. Downtown Whitefish Bay
  4. Construction Parking
  5. Employee Parking
Village ordinance prohibits overnight parking at any time between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. without permission. 

Temporary Overnight Parking (15 Free Nights Per Year):

To request overnight parking permission, residents or their guests may click HERE. Parking is restricted to the portion of the street abutting property that is owned, rented, or otherwise occupied by the requester. Temporary permission will be granted for a maximum annual allowance of 15 nights per vehicle. Those exceeding the annual limit will be denied permission and must purchase a $30 monthly overnight parking permit.

Requests for overnight parking permission must be made prior to 3 a.m. of the current day. No parking permission will be granted during a declared Snow Emergency. As a reminder, all vehicles parked on the street must be moved at least once every 24 hours, regardless of any permission granted or parking permit held.

Vehicles receiving parking permission for an individual night(s) mat not park in the monthly permit zones listed below from December 1 to March 31.

Monthly Overnight Parking Permits:

Residents may purchase overnight permits for parking in front of their homes for a cost of $30 per month between April 1 and November 30. Parking permits shall be purchased online HERE. Between November 30 and April 1, overnight parking permits may be purchased for the following areas:
  • E Fairmount Avenue (south side from N Bay Ridge Avenue to N Shoreland Avenue.)
  • E Chateau Pl. (north and south sides from N Santa Monica Boulevard to N Anita Avenue.)
  • N Anita Avenue (west side from W Chateau Pl. to N Shoreland Avenue.)
  • N Shoreland Avenue (west side from E Chateau Pl. to N Anita Avenue.)
  • N Diversey Boulevard at E Silver Spring Drive. (west side of N Diversey Boulevard from E Silver Spring Drive. south to alley)
  • E Henry Clay St. at N. Diversey Blvd. (north side of 400 block E. Henry Clay St. and west side of N. Diversey Blvd. from E. Henry Clay St. north to alley.
  • N. Berkeley Blvd. at E. Henry Clay St. (west side of N. Berkeley Blvd. from E> Henry Clay St. north to alley.
  • South side of E. Henry Clay from a point 15 feet east of the curb line to N. Elkhart Ave. to a point 15 feet west of the west curb line of N. Woodruff Ave. (south side of the 800 block E. Henry Clay St.)
  • N Oakland Avenue at E Glendale Avenue (east side of N Oakland Avenue from south Village limits to a point north of E Glendale Avenue and the south side of E Glendale Avenue from N Oakland Avenue east to posted sign)
  • Winkie's Municipal Parking Lot (east parking row at south end of parking lot)
  • North side of 600 block E. Henry Clay St and the west side of N. Idlewild Ave from E. Henry Clay St north to the alley.
  • South side of E. Henry Clay Street from a point 15 feet east of the east curb line of North Elkhart Avenue to a point 15 feet west of the west curb line of North Woodruff Avenue
  • West side of North Santa Monica Blvd. from a point 410 feet north of the north curb line of E. Hampton Rd. to a point 605 feet north of said north curb line.
Please Note: Overnight parking permits are not valid during snow emergencies.