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Winter Overnight Parking Regulations - Public Comment

  1. Please use the form below to provide public comment for the proposed changes to Winter Overnight Parking Regulations. Thank you!

  2. Proposed Winter Overnight Parking Changes – Why?

    The winter (December 1st – March 31st) overnight parking regulations in Whitefish Bay have been in effect for many years and are unique to Whitefish Bay. While being unique is not necessarily a bad thing, it does raise the question as to why they are unique and if they could be improved. Staff from the Police Department and Public Works Department reviewed the current zone system and those adopted by other local communities. We found that the alternate side parking system, popular among many other local communities, will improve snow removal efforts and offer more equitable parking opportunities to residents. The current system only allows monthly permit sales in designated zones in the Village. These zones are not evenly distributed throughout the Village - meaning, in certain areas, someone may have to walk almost one mile to the nearest permit zone. This is an unfair system to many residents in the Village. Furthermore, with the current system, vehicles are parking in the same zones throughout winter. This makes plowing these areas difficult as vehicles are parked in the same spot every night, and as the snow accumulates, the usable portion of the street becomes smaller. Under the new alternate side parking proposal, plows would be able to completely clear the street of snow within two nights. The proposed overnight parking changes only affect winter overnight parking, which is enforced from 3 a.m. – 5 a.m. Vehicles still need to abide by all other parking regulations in affect for the location they park. An overnight parking permit does not supersede time zone restrictions or other restrictions on a block, and vehicles with overnight parking permits must be moved once every 24 hours. Staff from both the Police Department and Public Works Department support the proposed changes and believe it will benefit the residents of Whitefish Bay.

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